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  1. How to obtain source code from FEBio
  2. SuperLU sequential version in linux.
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  8. CMake/CTest/CDash
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  11. Diffusion in FEBio
  12. iterative solver
  13. FEBio with Windows 7 and multicore processing
  14. Segmentation code with skyline solver
  15. Coupled thermal/displacement
  16. Linking Pardiso solver into FEBio when compiling from source code
  17. validation/verify examples compiling issues.
  18. Compiling FEBio with intel-11 compilers and MKL 3.2
  19. XML Reader to recognize comments and empty elements
  20. Implemented fluid flux boundary condition on surface
  21. Implemented mixture of elastic solids
  22. Replace custom containers with STL containers
  23. Micropolar Elasticity and Cluster Support
  24. Creating a FEPermeability class
  25. Biconjugate gradient stabilized solver for non-symmetric matrices
  26. Centrifugal body force
  27. The rigid stiffness matrices
  28. Compile quickly the sources
  29. vtk output
  30. Warning during the compilation of FEBio
  31. FEBio2
  32. Material point data cannot be accessed
  33. Compilation errors - FEBio
  34. Negative Jacobian with a new constitutive equations
  35. Trying to run FEBio - Skyline only
  36. Crash without a load curve
  37. FEBio new plot file format
  38. Debugging error.
  39. FEBio 1.4
  40. Is there any flow chart for FEBio program design?
  41. FEBio 1.4 Compilation Errors
  42. Tens4d operations/tracking changes in tens4d.hpp file
  43. febio-1.4: pb launching tests
  44. Problem running and compiling FEBio
  45. Excluding SuperLU from Release build
  46. How can I get a 64 bit version of FEBio source code?
  47. FEBio implement for Bone Remodeling
  48. IS there a anyway to obtain FEBio source code in FORTRAN ?
  49. Problem openning FEBio source code in Visual studio 2010
  50. Coding Biot theory in FEBio
  51. Compiling FEBio into a library
  52. Using Makefile in Windows
  53. Defining Node Coordinates
  54. FEBio crashes at start simulation
  55. Source 1.5.2 available?
  56. Diagnostic error with EFD and SFD materials
  57. Developer's Manual explains how to create new materials
  58. The problem of linking Pardiso solver: libpardiso400_INTEL_IA32.dll
  59. Release code and source code conflicts with poroelasticity
  60. Building FEBio Solution on VS2013
  61. Support for Visual Studio 2008?
  62. Building FEBio with PARDISO in VS2013 (64bit Win8)
  63. Creating a Material library in PreView and FEBio (both needed)?
  64. how to select solver configuration
  65. Meshing Software for FEBio
  66. Volumetric Models Through Meshing
  67. Negative Jacobians Leading to ERROR TERMINATION in Compiled FEBio
  68. Source code for Febio 2.0 available?
  69. Different results FEBio 1.8 and 2.0
  70. handling failed analysis step
  71. m_Q variable in FEElasticMaterialPoint
  72. Include tag
  73. Incomplete snapshots
  74. Distribution calculation
  75. Looking for input on creating a "muscle" material that contracts in two directions
  76. New active contraction as plugin
  77. Will the verification and example sets be upgraded to febio_spec 2.0 soon?
  78. RightCauchyGreen function in FEElasticMaterialPoint
  79. FE Modelling ans Solution Algorithm
  80. Plugin SDK version & Examples
  81. Available scenarios for "Debugging the Material Implementation"
  82. Logfile error
  83. A bug found in FEBio source code (likely a typo)
  84. Incompressibility in the Mooney-Rivlin material
  85. Viscoelasticity
  86. XML schema for FEBio input format available?
  87. Lymphatic Drainage in Starling supply - Biphasic
  88. Multiple damage variables and Plugin question
  89. Integer overflow error in DumpStream class
  90. Empty plugin submit page
  91. Calculating new plot field with plugin: issues
  92. linking libraries to source file
  93. non hyperelastic model strain calculation via known stress.
  94. Additional Multiphasic Contacts
  95. 2D model plugin limitations
  96. Plugin designed for FEBio 2.3.1 doesn't work on 2.5.1 even after compiling it again
  97. explicit-solid time step method
  98. Problem Compiling
  99. Running FEBio from Command line Windows 10
  100. 4th order tensor class with only minor symmetry, and the tens4d class