Active contraction in Transversely Isotropic Mooney-Rivlin
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Active contraction in Transversely Isotropic Mooney-Rivlin


I am trying to use the active contraction in the Transversely Isotropic Mooney-Rivlin model on a Mac. I tried running the test suite model (fi01.feb) in FEBio versions 2.4 and 2.5, but nothing happens in the model (No force acting on system). When I run the model using v 2.3, the model does what it's supposed to do (the bar contracts). My colleague ran the test suite model on a Linux using v. 2.4.3, so this seems to be a Mac issue affecting v.2.4 and 2.5 releases.

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06-26-2017 09:27 AM
Hi Kyoko,

I haven't been able to reproduce this bug on 2.4.2, 2.5.0 or 2.6.3 on the Mac. All these versions produce a contraction in this model (fi01.feb). As far as our records show, fi01.feb was last modified on August 14, 2015, so I am guessing that you are using the latest version.

Would you be able to post (or email me) another test problem that seems to fail?



06-26-2017 03:42 PM
Hi Kyoko,

Thanks for emailing me the file you used. That file is an older version, which has one difference against the current file in the test suite:

The old file uses
<active_contraction lc="1">

The latest test suite file uses
<ascl lc="1">1</ascl>

If you make that change to your file it should run properly (please let me know otherwise).



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