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Thread: non hyperelastic model strain calculation via known stress.

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    Default non hyperelastic model strain calculation via known stress.

    We have a 2D nonhyperelastic model that stress and tangent equation doesn't come from strain energy density. i would like to find strain values by using known (applied) stress values without using stress and tangent function( just directly want to write strain/stress relations). how is it possible to do? any suggestions? do i need to define new Strain function like stress, tangent function into the source file or working with plug in should be okay and how? Thanks

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    I'm not sure I understand the question. Where do these applied stress values come from? Are they just assumed given or are they the solution of another model? If you have the stress-strain relation, could you not invert it? Or even plot a stress-strain curve and flip the graph? I guess I'm not seeing how FEBio fits into the picture here. Perhaps if you can elaborate a bit more on your question and clarify how you expect to use FEBio to solve this problem, I might be able to provide a better answer.


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