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Thread: Crash under Windows 10

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    Default Crash under Windows 10

    I've started giving my course in which I use FEBio. This morning I had the students do the PreView tutorials 1 and 2 and then run FEBio on the resulting model. For one of the students FEBio crashed after announcing SUCCESS in reading the .feb file. She is running Preview 1.20.4 and FEBio 2.6.4 under Windows 10 Home, version 1703, os build 15063.540, with 8 GB of RAM and lots of free disk space. Do you have any idea what might cause such a crash? I successfully ran her model under both Windows 7 (FEBio and Debian Linux (FEBio I've attached the .feb file.
    Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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    Hi Robert,

    I suspect what she did is copy the .feb file into the installation folder of FEBio (in Program Files). Under Windows, FEBio cannot create files directly in the installation folder, unless you run FEBio with Administrator privileges. So I'm guessing that FEBio is crashing when it tries to create the plot file. There are a few things she can try:

    1. Right click on the FEBio exe file and select "Run as administrator". Then, from the FEBio prompt run the model by typing "run -i input.feb" (where input.feb must be replaced with the actual input file name).
    2. The better solution is to not place the .feb files in the installation folder, but place them somewhere in her Documents folder and setup the environment path so you can run FEBio from any folder. There are instructions in the user's manual in section 2.1 that describe how to make that happen.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if this solves her problem or not.


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    Right on! Putting the .feb file somewhere else fixed it. Thanks!

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